Right to Services(RTS)

    Social Justice & Empowerment
    Sr. No. Scheme Name Notification Form Given Time Limit( Working days) Where to apply online
    1. Old Age Samman Allowance Notification Procedure Pro-Active Service
    2. Disability Pension Notification Procedure Pro-Active Service
    3. Financial Assistance to Destitute Women (Widow Pension) Notification Form 60 days
    4. Financial Assistance to Destitute Children Notification Form 60 days
    5. Ladli Social Security Allowance Notification Form 60 days
    6. Financial Assistance to Kashmiri Migrants Notification Form 60 days
    7. Financial Assistance to Non School Going Disabled Children Notification Form 60 days
    8. Allowance to Eunuch Notification Form 60 days
    9. Allowance to Dwarf Notification Form 60 days
    10. National Family Benefit Scheme for BPL Notification Form 90 days
    11. Inter District Migration of Beneficiaries Notification Form 30 days
    • Designated Officer of the Department:- District Social Welfare Officer of the Concerned District
    • First Grievances Redressal Authority :- Additional Deputy Commissioner of the concerned District
    • Second Grievances Redressal Authority :- Deputy Commissioner of the concerned District