Haryana Backward Classes Commission

    As per Section 9 of the Haryana Backward Classes Commission 2016,the Commission shall examine requests for inclusion or exclusion of any class of citizens as a Backward Class and hear complaints of over-inclusion or under-inclusion of any Backward Class and tender such advice to the State Government, as it deems appropriate.

    The following function have been assigned to this commission:

    (i) Study the present social, educational and economic conditions of the backward classes in the State;
    (ii) Study the representation and participation of backward classes in the Government and in benefits and schemes of the Government;
    (iii) Assess the benefits provided to the students from backward classes in educational institutions;
    (iv) Estimate the employment opportunities available to youth from the backward classes and to recommend measure for enhancement of employment opportunities;
    (v) Evaluate the current activities for skill development and training aimed at youth from the backward classes;
    (vi) Study and recommend the proportion of reservation for backward classes required to be provisioned in Panchayati Raj Institutions and Municipalities in the State;
    (vii) Study and recommend such measures, as may be required for the social, educational and economic welfare of the backward classes.

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    • Email : backwardccharyana[at]gmail[dot]com
    • Address : SCO No. 20-27, 2nd Floor, LIC Jeevan Deep Building, Sector 17 A, Chandigarh