Financial assistance to Institutions/Societies belonging to Scheduled Castes/Backward Classes


    To provide financial assistance to the institutions / societies of Scheduled Castes and Backward Classes to enable them to construct / complete / repair / renovate building which can be used for community social or educational purpose etc. of Scheduled Castes / Backward Classes and provide basic facilities and equipment in these buildings.


    • “Financial Assistance” means the amount sanctioned /released out of Government funds to supplement the public efforts for development.
    • “Competent Authority” means the Director, Welfare of Scheduled Castes and Backward Classes Department, Haryana.

    Eligibility Conditions

    • Only those institutions/ societies of Scheduled Castes/ Backward classes registered under the Societies Registration Act, 1860 or Indian Trust Act would be eligible for grant-in aid.

    • The society/ institution should have at least 100 sq yards of its own land or allotted /donated to it by the Govt./ Panchayat/ Local Body/ any individual etc.

    • Second time grant to the same institution will be given after only five years if all the UCs for the grants released earlier have been submitted to the District Welfare officer.

    Sanction of Financial Assistance

    • Financial Assistance upto Rs. 2.00 lakhs may be sanctioned by the Minister incharge, Welfare of Scheduled Castes/Backward Classes . However, the Chief Minister may sanction grant exceeding Rs 2.00 lakhs in genuine cases. While sanctioning assistance under the scheme equitable allocation of funds be made to various districts.

    • In deserving cases additional funds can also be sanctioned later on for construction / completion/ repair/ renovation of the infrastructure or for providing basic amenities in the building or any other purpose as mentioned in para-5.

    • Financial Assistance will be sanctioned only for the work to be executed within Haryana State.

    Purpose of Financial Assistance

    In addition to the purposes mentioned in the object, the Financial Assistance may also be sanctioned for any one of the following purposes:-

    • for completion, repair or construction of community building/institutions which used or is to be used for educational and social purpose.
    • for construction of recreation centers/ halls in the above said buildings institutional for setting up of libraries in the institutions.
    • for purchase of T.V./listening sets, educational equipment etc. for the use in the institutions.
    • Priority for grant of funds will be given for completion/ repair/new construction in that order.

    Terms And Conditions

    • The grant will be utilized for the purpose for which it is sanctioned and not for any other purpose within one year of the date of receipt of the grant. Unspent balance, if any, should have to be returned to the competent authority. In case of default, the amount will be recovered as a arrears of land revenue.

    • The institution/ society will maintain separate accounts for the grant which shall be open for inspection by the Director, Welfare of Scheduled Castes and Backward Classes Department, Haryana/concerned District Welfare Officer or any other officer deputed by the competent authority.

    • The institutions shall incur the expenditure out of this grant in the most economical manner.
    • Utilization certificate duly signed by the Head of the institution/ society dully verified by the Chartered Accountant will be furnished to the District Welfare Officer, who after spot inspection will forward the same to the Director, Welfare of Scheduled Castes and Backward Classes, Haryana with his comments for record.

    • The guarantee will have to furnish indemnity bond in the prescribed format (ANNEXURE – B) to the Govt. binding himself to fulfill all the conditions attached to the grant and to refund the amount of grant already paid in the event of non fulfillment of the aim to abide by the decision of the authority releasing grant-in-aid.

    • Any institution/society found guilty of non fulfillment of the conditions shall be debarred from being considered for release of Government grant for a minimum period of three years or more as may be decided by the competent authority.

    Procedure for Applying of Financial Assistance

    • Application in the prescribed proforma (ANNEXURE-A) along-with attested copies of registration certificate of the institution, certificate of registration of land in the name of concerned institution/society or any other revenue record as proof of the same, activities of the society/ institution, with annual accounts/balance sheet etc .site plan architect ional drawing map of building proposed to be constructed and tentative expenditure will also be attached with the application.

    • The facts given by the institution/ society in the application will be verified by Concerned District Welfare Officer and the proposal along-with the recommendation of the Deputy Commissioner concerned will be sent to the Director, Welfare of Scheduled Castes & Backward Classes Department, Haryana for further necessary action.

    • Director, Welfare of Scheduled Castes and Backward Classes Department Haryana will put the case for approval of Social Welfare Minister.

    Authority for Sanction/ Release of Grant

    The Welfare of Scheduled Castes and Backward Classes Department, Haryana will be the Administrative Department for this scheme and the amount will be sanctioned and drawn by the Director, Welfare of Scheduled Castes and Backward Classes Department, Haryana from Haryana Treasury, Chandigarh in the shape of account payee Bank Draft. The amount shall be disbursed to the institution/ society through District Welfare officer concerned who will send the original receipt to the Directorate after payment.

    The Administrative department will be competent to make amendments in the scheme at its own level provided no additional financial liability is created as a result of the amendment. The Director, Welfare of Scheduled Castes & Backward Classes Department will be competent to issue guidelines/ instructions for the implementation of this scheme.

    The expenditure will be debitable under head “225-Welfare of Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes and Other Backward Classes-01-Welfare of Scheduled Castes-80-General-99-Financial assistance to Institutions/Societies belonging to Scheduled Castes/Backward Classes (Plan).”

    Application Form